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Republican Leader Wants New Face of the Party

(La Porte, IN) - Many republicans across the nation feel former president Donald Trump is still the leader of the party.  However, the La Porte County Republican Party chairman believes a change is needed at the top.


Mitch Feikes said the party is still a reflection of the "Make America Great Again" movement started while Trump was running for the White House and continued while he was President.  Feikes said the party needs to come up with a mission statement that includes the ideals of Trump supporters to guide the party into the future.  However, Feikes said there should be another leader of the party.


“We have to look at why people supported Trump and how that relates to the values of the Republican Party and have a different face at the top that can lead the party and our movement and our beliefs,” he said.


Trump is scheduled to speak next week at the Conservative Political Action Conference.  He’s expected to address the future of the conservative movement and the party.

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