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Stampede Video "Moooves" to Network TV

(Kingsbury, IN) - A herd of cattle stampeding down two major highways in La Porte County is making national headlines.


NBC News, for example, has published a story and video of the 75 cows galloping on U.S 35 at Kingsbury.  The video was taken by Melissa Kuczmanski, who pulled onto the shoulder to avoid being hit by the oncoming 10 month old calves.  (Click here to see the NBC Video and Story)


She was returning with her son, Noah, from Purdue University when she saw what resembling something out of a Hollywood western movie.  “It was kind of a joyous moment.  I was looking for the universe to send me some really cool wildlife sightings and boom,” she told the South Bend Tribune.


The calves also ran eastbound on U.S 6 until rounded up in separate fields in the Kingsford Heights area.  Police and firefighters, with help from farmers and other individuals, had the calves on their way back to their farm on 500 South about one-hour later.Pat Grieger said it was nice to see so many local farmers carrying on the long tradition of helping other producers in times of need.


The animal control officer made the 10 mile trip from his home in the small agricultural community of Hanna to see if he could lend a hand as soon as he learned about the stampede.  He blocked a gate to a chain link fence with his truck to make sure one group of cows trapped inside didn’t get out.  “The dairy family.  They’re pretty small anymore.  There’s not a lot of family farms left and they were all there helping,” Grieger said.  He said the farmers also brought enough trailers to haul the cows back home all at once.  “They do that without wanting or needing any recognition. I’ve been seeing that since I was as a kid,” he said. 


The owner of the cows believes local youth may have opened a gate and somehow scared the calves into full sprint. 

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