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Days Numbered for Old Water Tower

(Westville, IN) - The old water tower in Westville could be coming down.  Officials said the tower built in the 1930's is out of service right now and the cost of fixing it up would be more than $300,000.


Town Councilman Tom Fath said the older tower adds character to the town but it’s not needed anymore because of a newer, much larger tower serving the needs of the entire community.  “The old water towers, they look really nice in the community and I love that it’s there but looking at the cost to repaint it and keep it in operation, it’s very expensive,” he said.


Fath said taking down the tower in Westville’s downtown would cost about $30,000.  No decision has been made yet, but the several decades old tower could come down sometime this year.


The current operational water tower on the north side of town, behind McDonalds, has been in use for 19-years. 

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