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More Trouble Plagued Rentals Targeted

(La Porte, IN) - The hammer could be dropping on more rental properties in La Porte for disruptive and other forms of bad behavior.  Under an ordinance adopted several months ago, the city can condemn homes generating numerous calls from the police.


La Porte Code Enforcement officer Jeff Batchelor said he’s developed a list of troubled properties with help from the police department for possible declaration as nuisance properties.  Batchelor said some of the properties have racked up 15 to 20 calls to the police.  “Just think about that.  15 to 20 calls for service from the police.  People clearly don’t want to be in our community and follow the rules,” said La Porte Mayor Tom Dermody.


Several rental properties have already been condemned for bad behavior and building code violations over the past year, including Monroe Street Apartments.  Condemning nuisance properties forces problem causing tenants to leave, making homes available once again for new tenants to move in, officials said. 


The effort stems from the mayor’s pledge to improve quality of life by doing things like cracking down on landlords and tenants.

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