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Stop the Steal Gathering Begins for President

(Washington D.C.) - Supporters of President Donald are gathering in Washington D.C. to protest what they believe was a stolen election.


Congress is scheduled to meet Wednesday to certify the Electoral College votes from each state that would confirm democrat Joe Biden as the next president.  Over a dozen members of the U.S Senate and more than 100 members of the House of Representatives are expected to challenge the electoral votes in the battleground states that decided the November 3 election.


During a phone interview, La Porte County republican party chairman Mitch Feikes said he does not believe attempts to overturn the election will be successful.  He said there are irregularities in any election, including elections held locally, but there’s been no proof of massive fraud that would change the outcome of the presidential race.  “They can object all they want, and they have a right to be heard, but in the long run they’re going to vote to keep the election as it turned out,” Feikes said.  He also does not believe there will be any attempt to overturn the election once the Electoral College votes are approved by Congress.


Some Trump supporters are calling for the president to declare martial law to redo the election in the battleground states or to seize voting machines and absentee ballots to try and prove the election was stolen.


“There’s no way he’s going to declare martial law. It’s not going to happen.  He’s going to accept the results of the election and he’s going to leave office.  Whether the election was fair or not. Whether it got the proper coverage or not, he lost the election," Feikes said.

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