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Braun Hesitant to Make Waves With Electoral College Votes

(Washington, DC) - Led by Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, some Republicans seem certain to object to Joe Biden’s Electoral College votes when they’re brought to Congress next week.


Where Indiana Senator Mike Braun stands on the issue is unclear.  At a conference call yesterday, Braun said he will take a wait-and-see approach. "You've still got half the country, whether it's warranted or not, that believes that at least some additional review needs to be made," he said.  "Where that goes, I don't know.  In terms of whether I'll join Senator Hawley or not, I have not made up my mind.  I want to look at the merits of what underlies the objection."


Braun said he is hesitant to make the controversy a federal matter, preferring to let the states sort out their own electoral laundry.  He also said he doubted any objections from Congressional Republicans would change the outcome of Biden assuming the Presidency.


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