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LaCrosse High School Faces Final Days

(LaCrosse, IN) - LaCrosse High School took another step toward extinction Thursday night.

Tri-Township School Board members voted to pursue a bond measure that would mean shutting down LaCrosse and moving those students to Wanatah.


$2.6 million will be needed for the project. Five new classrooms and other additions will be constructed to facilitate consolidation.


Many residents are not convinced the move is necessary.  Lisa Rosencranz addressed the School Board at Thursday's meeting. "I would just like to say that to just abandon 22,000 square feet of our historic educational heritage is not only fiscally irresponsible, but completely and utterly insane," she said. "It's become painfully obvious that the board has no plan for the LaCrosse High School building."


Jim Sheely of LaCrosse spoke out against the plan via Zoom. "I think this ill-conceived plan based on little fact but plenty of assumptions will have a huge negative impact on the community for years to come, if passed," he said. "It will not enhance or increase programs for the high school students, but the exact opposite."


School leaders say the 105-year-old school building in LaCrosse is not fit for 21st century learning and will cost three times more to rehab than to close.  Opponents say other options haven’t been fully priced out and considered.


If current plans hold up, additions to Wanatah could be done by next fall.  What would happen to the old LaCrosse building is unknown.  A conversion to apartments is a possibility.

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