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Local Man to Return World Series Ball

(Lakeville, IN) - A local man who caught a home run during the World Series says he’s going to

give back the ball. 


Kevin Sauer of Lakeville was shown on national TV celebrating his home run catch in the outfield seats last week.  He said Will Smith from the Dodgers wants the ball he hit out of the park and he’s making arrangements to give it to him. 


Sauer says the ball means a lot more to Smith than him and he has a lot of other balls from his stellar high school career from more than 30-years ago to fill the void of not having the ball he caught during the World Series.  Sauer also said he’s not asking a dime for the ball that his wife convinced him to return to Smith because it was the right thing to do.


After making the catch, Sauer was captured on TV throwing his beloved baseball mitt on the field.  One of the players tossed him the mitt he’s had for 33 years back to him in the stands.

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