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Indiana National Guard May Be Deployed to LaPorte County Nursing Homes

(INDIANAPOLIS, IN) - State health officials are taking the fight to COVID-19 outbreaks in nursing homes by deploying the National Guard.


Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lindsay Weaver announced this week that National Guard personnel would be used in long-term care facilities throughout the state to help staff cope with COVID prevention and treatment. "While we saw cases decline for a while, we are now experiencing a surge in COVID in our long term care facilities, which is why we are taking the additional steps to protect our most vulnerable Hoosiers," Weaver said Wednesday in a press conference. "Therefore, the state will be sending the Indiana National Guard to all long term care facilities to assist with testing and reporting to allow existing facility staff to focus on patient care."


Weaver reported that 58% of COVID deaths in Indiana had been residents of long term care facilities. She also said recent outbreaks have caused some long-term healthcare workers to isolate or quarantine, resulting in a staff shortage.


A survey of centers around the state has just been conducted to determine where military help will be deployed first, starting in November.


All 535 long term care centers should receive back up eventually.

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