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COVID-19 Remains on Incline in La Porte County

(La Porte County, IN) - COVID-19 statistics in La Porte County continue on a steep incline, according to the numbers reported by the Indiana State Department of Heath.  Here is an analysis of the current numbers:


New Positive Cases:  on Saturday, October 17th, 62 New Positive Cases were reported in La Porte County.  This marks the 2nd highest day of "New Positive Cases" since the Pandemic began.  Overall, our 7-day moving average has increased to an all time high of 39 New Positive Daily Cases, for a total of 273 new confirmed infections over the past 7 days in La Porte County. 


Positive Test Rate (Positivity Rate):  The Positive Test rate in La Porte County rose to 7.2% on

October 10th from a moving average of 4.3% on September 10th.  This represents a 67% increase in the Positive Test rate over the past month.


Hospitalizations:  During the first half of October (between October 1st and October 15th), La Porte County has reported 26 new Hospitalizations from COVID-19.  This equals the total number of Hospitalizations during the entire month of September, suggesting that October is on track to have nearly twice as many Hospitaliztions as the prior month. 


Deaths:  During the first half of October (October 1st through October 15), La Porte County has experienced 9 COVID-19 related deaths.  For the entire month of September, the total COVID-19 death count was 10 in La Porte County.  Like the Hospitalization numbers, the death rate seems to be on a rate of nearly double from the prior month.  


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