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Horn Sounded on Sirens Near Zoo

(Michigan City, IN) - A Michigan City man is concerned blaring severe weather sirens during testing are harming the animals at Washington Park Zoo.  The sirens are tested the first Saturday of every month.


Kent Lange, during a meeting of the Michigan City Common Council, said some of the sirens are very close to the zoo and he was there recently during a siren test.  “Those poor animals go crazy.  Not for a minute or two minutes. However long they test those sirens,” he said.


He said sirens during the testing quit momentarily then fire back up for another several minutes before turned on again for testing the following month.  If the sirens can’t be moved, Lange suggested the testing last for a shorter period of time so the zoo animals don’t have to endure such high decibel levels for so long.


Lange is a member of the Michigan City Park Board and liaison between the park board and city council.

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