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Funding Protection for Police in Indiana Proposed

(Indianapolis, IN) - A local lawmaker is backing the blue.  Indiana State Senator, Mike Bohacek of Michiana Shores, said he plans to introduce legislation to prohibit defunding police and fire departments in the state. 


Bohacek, a Republican, said he drafted the legislation to make sure  efforts to defund police elsewhere don’t spread to Indiana given the important role police and fire departments play in public safety.


"The work of our police and fire departments is fundamental to the safety and well-being of Hoosiers. They risk their lives to ensure the safety of our communities every day," Bohacek said. "In light of the calls to defund police departments, I have heard from concerned citizens that public safety officers are vital to the security and stability of their communities. Therefore, this legislation serves as a measured approach that will ensure public safety departments continue to receive the support necessary to carry out their important mission," he said.


Bohacek said he plans to present the measure during the 2021 state legislative session which begins at the first of the year.

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