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Semi Blaze on Indiana Toll Road

(La Porte County, IN) - A semi-truck caught fire on the Indiana Toll Road in La Porte County over the weekend.  It happened early Sunday near the Johnson Road overpass.  There were a couple of explosions.  Fortunately, no injuries were reported.


The trailer was loaded with what appeared to be a variety of retail goods, said Jeff Hamilton, Director of La Porte County Haz-Mat.  The trailer and its contents were destroyed.  Hamilton said the non-hazardous contents included mattresses and bicycles.  The driver, after realizing the trailer was burning, pulled to the side of the highway and unhooked the trailer.  The driver then pulled forward so the cab of the truck wouldn’t catch fire.


Hamilton says it’s possible the fire started when the brakes on the truck somehow became hot and the explosions were a result of the tires on the tractor trailer rupturing from the heat.

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