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9/11 Attacks Remembered Locally

(LaPorte County, IN) - La Porte County Sheriff John Boyd said he worried about the future of his 7 month old daughter after seeing commercial airplanes strike the World Trade Center in New York City exactly 19-years ago today.


“I remember thinking to myself what kind of a world are we bringing our daughter into and what does the future hold for us. It was a very, very scary time,” said Boyd.  Boyd was a shift supervisor for the sheriff’s office and testifying in court about a criminal case when he first learned about the attacks on September 11, 2001.


La Porte County Commissioner, Rich Mrozinski, said he thought he was dreaming when contacted at work by his wife about the terrorist attacks.  The attacks included a plane striking The Pentagon at Washington D.C. and a hijacked plane crashing in a field.  “I couldn’t fathom what was going on,” he said.


Mrozinski also said particularly upsetting is the violence happening across the nation from extremists whose actions he believes are a slap in the face to the emergency responders answering calls for service that day.  “I cannot wrap my head around what people are thinking.  These people that do this kind of thing, they need to get their heads screwed on right.  They don’t understand the dedication that it takes for someone to be a policeman or a fireman especially when you look at those guys that ran into the buildings that were going down,” Mrozinski said.

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