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La Porte Using Lakes to Give Image a Makeover

(LaPorte, IN) - “Livin’ the Lake Life” is not just a new slogan but a completely

different attitude to help the city of LaPorte expand its tax base.


Mayor Tom Dermody said the change in identity for the city is designed to capitalize on natural resources many other communities wish they had for attracting more visitors and new residents.


The slogan along with a logo and “Livin’ the Lake Life” website containing information about boating, hiking and other recreational offerings will be officially unveiled sometime in October.


The slogan was placed on the front of old Don George Ford building on Pine Lake Ave. before Labor Day weekend to catch the attention of travelers going to and from downtown.


“It was a little teaser of our branding and what we’re going to become as a community and where we’re focused,” Dermody said.


Dermody said the goal of his administration since taking over in January has been increasing the population here to 30,000 by 2030.


“We’ve been at 22,000 people for too long.  We need to encourage development and what better way than to promote our natural resources and the things that make us special,” he said.


The new Chessie Trail starting at Pine Lake along with a trail and scenic overlooks beside Stone Lake to be completed in October are examples of what’s been occurring here to enhance the natural resources and parks.


Construction just recently started on 200 resort type apartments next to Clear Lake where a trail system and boardwalk are going up.  


Kayak rental at an undecided location in the city are among the other things in the game plan.


Dermody said emphasis on lifestyle from having a half dozen lakes can influence natives once graduating from college to return and draw new residents looking to escape high taxes in Illinois.


He said the opportunity to move here from places like Chicago is greater since more people are working from home since the COVID-19 outbreak.


“With so many people being allowed to work remotely these days, you don’t want to go to Lake and Porter counties.  They’re packed.  Come to LaPorte especially with the advantages we have,” he said.

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