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Wall Street Recovery Surprising to Local Investor

(LaPorte, IN) - A local investor is surprised how the stock market has recovered despite challenging economic times caused by COVID-19. 


Tim Stabosz says the market could actually be too high right now.  He suggests selling some of the higher priced stocks before they fall and switch to buying stocks priced low right now before their value starts going up.  Stabosz believes the financial aid from the government during the pandemic has a lot to do with the recovery on Wall Street.  He also believes whoever is elected president will have no long term impacts on the market.


President Trump has alleged a democrat in The White House will cause the stock market to crash but Stabosz said Wall Street is not tied so much to politics, at least in the long-term.


Many investors have recovered most, if not all, of their losses from when the market lost considerable value at the start of the pandemic in March.

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