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Video Portrays La Porte as "The Place to Go"

(La Porte, IN) - A video showcasing La Porte as “The Place to Go” has been added to the tool box for marketing a community showing noticeable signs of economic revival.  The 90 second video produced by Duneland Media portrays the city as a place to live, work and recreate.


Click here to view the video.


Highlights include aerial shots of the city’s six lakes and 1892 courthouse.  The vast amount of park land here, improved storefronts in the historic downtown, competitive tax base and being a one-hour drive or less from Chicago, South Bend and Port of Indiana are among the other assets illustrated.  The video ends with the narrator saying “It’s true.  La Porte is a place to live, a place to love, a place to grow and the place to go.”


“This is something many communities are doing and they have great success with it and we expect it to be just as successful here,” said Bert Cook, executive director of the La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership.  Cook said LEAP ordered the video requiring extra time to produce to capture images of special events and other happenings that occur during select times of the year.


Mayor Tom Dermody said he was impressed the most by how the video distinguishes La Porte as different from many communities because of the natural resources here.  He especially enjoyed the emphasis on the city’s location between major population centers.  “I think that shows why people and businesses should be looking at La Porte to settle here and grow their business,” Dermody said.


Dermody said that once enticed here by the video, they will also see progress like the 200 resort type condominiums about to go up beside Clear Lake and renovation of Maple Lane which just started.  He said there’s still work to be done in areas like housing but the foot is not being taken off the gas pedal.  “We just have so much I can’t image in the next couple of years La Porte is not going to be exploding,” he said.

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