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Youth Urged to Stop Diving Off Lake Bridge

(LaPorte, IN) - A local official is urging people to use common sense

to avoid being hurt during the upcoming 4th of July weekend.

Jumping off the Waverly Road bridge into Pine Lake in LaPorte

has been a recent problem.

LaPorte County Commissioner Rich Mrozinski says some jumpers try landing

as close as they can to boats passing by.

Mrozinski says doing than carries a risk of hitting a boat or winding up

tangled in a propeller.

Mrozinski said parents who learn their kids are jumping off the bridge

need to deal with them in a firm manner so they don’t continue doing it.

Signs letting people know jumping off the bridge is against the law

were recently put up.

Mrozinski says there’s also a greater risk of being caught right now

because many people are keeping an eye on that area.

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