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Crackdown Brewing on Shabby Rental Properties

(LaPorte, IN) - The mayor of LaPorte is vowing to crack down on slum landlords and irresponsible tenants. At Monday night’s city council meeting. Mayor Tom Dermody said it’s time to set a standard on a problem ignored for too long.


He said two apartment complexes in recent days generated 16 calls to the police, including an overdose. Dermody says he expects new ordinances addressing the problems to come before the city council for consideration in the future. Officials say there are some existing ordinances that can be used in a crackdown.


Those laws govern things like acts of nuisance and fire safety. City attorney Nick Otis says a recent inspection of one housing complex turned up a number of serious red flags like electrical problems that can already be addressed under current codes. Dermody says it’s time to correct living conditions, especially in areas before something tragic happens.

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