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New Chicago Volunteer Fire Fighter's Stimulus Check Surprise

(New Chicago, IN) - The first federal stimulus payments are on the way to America and one northwest Indiana man got quite the shock when he went to the ATM this weekend.


Charles Calvin is a volunteer firefighter in New Chicago, Indiana. While he was out over the weekend, he decided to get some cash at an ATM.  Now unbeknownst to him, he received his stimulus payment from the federal government on Friday. However, it wasn’t what he was expecting.


Calvin had been expecting a stimulus check of $1,700. However, after withdrawing the $200 he looked at his balance and noticed his account still had $8.2 million in it. Perplexed, he ran the card two more times and the balance in his account was the same thing.  He told a fellow volunteer firefighter and they both checked the balance and once again $8.2 million was in Calvin's account.  


Since this occurred over the weekend, Calvin couldn't contact his bank until Monday.  His bank said they didn't see that $8.2 million amount in his checking account anymore. However, they did note that his $1,700 stimulus payment was deposited.


Calvin, a bit disappointed, took it in stride saying, “It kind of sucks, You go from being a millionaire one second then back to being broke again. But hey, once you're poor you don't have anywhere else to go but up.”


No word on if any other stimulus check recipients have had erroneous amounts in their accounts. 

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