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Mild Symptoms of CoronaVirus That No One Should Ignore

A report out of the U.K.  says a loss of appetite and of your sense of smell are two of the milder symptoms of coronavirus people should look out for. 


It is now almost two months since the first coronavirus case was confirmed in the UK. In the weeks since, most people have become aware that a newly formed dry, persistent cough and a fever are two of the tell-tale signs of Covid-19. However, prior to the telltale fever, dry-hacking cough and difficulty breathing here are more signs that you may be infected by the CoronaVirus.  


  • Physical and mental fatigue
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Loss of your sense of smell and taste
  • A stomach ache
  • Sore eyes.


Health professionals suggest that you consult your doctor if these symptoms occur or persist.  They also recommend that you quarantine yourself in place before considering heading to your local emergency room.

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