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"Stay at Home" Order - What does this mean to Hoosiers?

(Indianapolis) - State of Indiana Governor, Eric Holcomb, announced during an 11:00 AM (CDT) Press Conference that he signed an executive order placing additional restrictions on Indiana Residents during the coronavirus crisis.  Beginning Wednesday,  Governor Holcomb ordered Indiana residents to "Stay at Home", however resident are permitted to conduct business and activities that are deemed "essential". 


What does this mean for you?  Here are answers to some of the common questions that you may have:


When does the "Stay at Home" order begin and end?

The order becomes effective at 11:59 PM on Tuesday, March 24th and is stated to be in effect until 11:59 PM on April 6th.  The Governor has the authority to modify the end date at any time.


How is "Essential" Business and Activities defined?

The Executive Order defined an extensive list of Businesses and Services that are considered "Essential" and were permitted to continue to operate during the "Stay at Home" order.  This list includes grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, police stations, fire stations, hospitals,
health care facilities, doctor / dentist offices, garbage pickup, public transit, airport operations, utilities, convenience stores, pet supply stores, animal shelters, food distribution companies, restaurants (dine in remains prohibited), churches, media, food banks, auto repair shops, banks, insurance companies, hardware stores, real estate firms, manufacturing companies, hotels, funeral homes, public service hotlines, shipping / delivery services (including the Post Office), and educational institutions (however, public and private schools remain closed to students until May 1).


What should businesses do that are considered "Non-Essential"?

The order requires any business that is not listed as "essential" to cease operations during the defined period of time, unless employees are able to work from their place of residence.  The order requires the closure of hair salons, fitness centers/gyms, tattoo parlors, spas, and barber shops.  All amusement parks, aquariums, zoos, museums, arcades, children’s play centers, playgrounds, bowling alleys, movie theaters, and entertainment venues will also remain closed throughout the order. 


Am I permitted to leave my home to conduct "Essential" activities?

Yes, you may leave home to conduct "essential" activities, however you must comply with "Social Distancing" requirements, to the "greatest extent feasible".  Social Distancing is generally defined as maintaining a distance of 6 feet between you and the nearest person (including while standing in line).


Will I be able to have food and supplies delivered to my home?

Yes, delivery services are permitted to continue to operate.


Can I exercise or workout outside of the home?
While gyms / fitness centers are required to close, you can still walk, bike, hike and do other outdoor fitness activities, while practicing social distancing.


This is a summary, as we interpret the Executive Order that was signed by Governor Holcomb.  For additional information, follow the link to see the full order.





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