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State Attributes Covid-19 Case to LaPorte County despite their Absence

(Indianapolis) - The Indiana State Department of Health updated their county by county coronavirus case numbers this morning and the numbers shows that LaPorte County has a second case of the novel coronavirus.  HometownNewsNow has uncovered additional details about the case and the infected person is a LaPorte County resident, but has NOT been in LaPorte County since returning from a trip to Italy.


Upon returning to the United States, the infected individual sought testing for coronavirus in the Chicago area, which returned positive for Covid-19.  The individual has remained in isolation at the home of a family member in the Chicago area and has not returned to LaPorte County since returning from Italy.  The person, whose age and sex are unknown, is reported to be doing well and has not been hospitalized.


Many questions have arisen on Social Media as to why a case of coronavirus is being counted by the Indiana State Departemnt of Health as a "LaPorte County" case, when the individual has not been in the county since returning from Italy.  The Joint Information Center at the Indiana State Department of Health responded to that question via email stating, "the tracking reflects the county of patient residence".


The updated state coronavirus numbers this morning show that 833 people have been tested throughout Indiana, 126 cases have been confirmed, and three deaths resulting from the virus in the state of Indiana.  





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