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Possible Lead in Murder

A suspect in a local insurance fraud case was the last person to see a man alive.  That’s what authorities are saying in the, still ongoing, investigation into the death.


Three weeks ago,  man was found dead in Fish Lake in about two feet of water. According to court documents, Joseph Clopton had a strap around his waist fastened to a cinder block to apparently keep the body submerged.  He also had been shot multiple times.


According to court documents, Darren Johnson last saw the victim alive and the two men apparently argued prior to his death. Police say both men were from Chicago.  


The investigation also indicates they were involved in drug activity here and in Chicago. At least one of the men allegedly has ties to a gang. So far, no charges have been filed for the murder.


Johnson is charged with receiving $25,000 for damage sustained in a motor vehicle crash. Police say the owner of the damaged vehicle should have received those dollars.

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