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Telephone Scams Claim Victims

A Kingsford Heights area woman fell victim to a telephone scam. According to the sheriff’s office, a man claiming to be from the social security office told her a warrant was out for her arrest.


To avoid arrest, he needed her name, date of birth and social security number.

Later, police say there were attempts to reach the caller on the number from her caller ID.

But, nobody answered.


A Kingsbury area woman was soaked for $500 in a telephone scam. According to county police, a woman claiming to be from NIPSCO told the victim her power was about to be cut off because she owed 500 dollars. She went out and put the money on a pre-paid card. Then gave the number of the card to the NIPSCO imposter. Police say the woman realized it was a scam when told she owed another $200.

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