Jim Miller

 Our beloved father and champion passed away unexpectedly on December 17th.


He was the youngest of four rambunctious boys, and he married the love of his life at an early age.


Our mother, Marilyn, was the center of his universe and he never wanted to go anywhere without her. Together for almost 60 years (married for almost 58), my mother could not have married a more doting husband. At one of his anniversaries, he sent me an email where he calculated the number of hours he had been married to her. He taught us that loving your spouse to that degree meant that you had so much more love to give to everybody else. Our father was a civil engineer by trade.


In his younger days, he played softball and went camping. He could always be counted on to make the repairs around the house. And rocks… don’t get me started on the rocks. He moved them around the yard to whatever new place my mother needed them to go. It was the best workout plan ever.


Our father believed in the importance of family and spent decades as an amateur genealogist, researching one branch of our family tree back to 100AD. We learned that we are the 40th great-grandchild of Charlemagne and related to the kings and queens of Sweden. That never got us far today. He loved visiting his hometown in Indiana and all of his relatives.


I am so unbelievably blessed to have had such a wonderful dad for all of these years. I fear there is a hole in my heart that will remain forever unfilled.


He is survived by his wife, Marilyn Baker Miller, and his three children: Laura Kesner, Patti Huth, and Tom Miller, and two grandchildren: Tara and Riley Huth.

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