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Heeg: Despite Flood, Sheriff's Office Open for Business

(La Porte, IN) - Flooding at the County Complex Building last weekend really dampened working conditions for several county departments.


Sheriff-elect Ron Heeg says some parts of the Sheriff’s Department got a little soggy, but the damage is nothing they can’t work around. “Thankfully, we haven’t experienced as severe damage as the other offices up in the Complex,” he told HTNN. “About half of the offices in our administrative area received some type of damage, and most of those were patrol supervisors’ offices. So they’re not in their offices on a day-to-day basis, because they’re usually out on patrol. So that really helps us in that we don’t have to displace a lot of people.”


While parts of the Complex are closed to the public, the Sheriff’s Department is still accessible, according to Heeg. “The public can still come into the Sheriff’s Office,” he said. “If they need to bond somebody out or get a report, such as an accident report.” Heeg said in-person inmate visitation has been suspended temporarily until cleanup is under control. However, online visitation is an option, as always.


From his perspective, Heeg says cleanup is going well. “Servepro has a bunch of dehumidifiers and a bunch of fans running,” he said. “I think most of it has been remediated, which is good. The Commissioners and Servpro and building maintenance have all been wonderful to work with. Now we just continue to clean up around here, and we start putting things back together.”


Heeg will officially assume the role of Sheriff next week. Right now, he’s just getting his feet wet, but seems to have everything under control.

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