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Golf Cart Travel Now Legal

(La Porte, IN) - Driving a golf cart on city streets in La Porte is now legal.


Last night, the La Porte City Council adopted an ordinance allowing golf carts under specific provisions to be used for travel.


To be street legal under the ordinance, a golf cart must have brake lights, tail lights, and other features of an automobile, like turn signals. The golf cart must also be insured, and drivers must be at least 16 and a half years of age.


City Attorney Nick Otis said golf carts could not be driven on state highways in the city but can cross state highways.


The lone objecting vote on the council, Roger Galloway, was against the measure as he feels a license plate should be required on golf carts. Otis pointed out that the state does not mandate license plates for mopeds.


Resident Lori Silva agreed with Galloway and also felt a driver’s license for the operator of a golf cart on city streets should be an added requirement. 


“If it’s got four wheels. Two wheels. If it quacks, it’s a duck. Okay. Come on. Let’s be safe,” Silva said.

Resident Brian Kajer spoke in support of the measure but felt enforcement is needed to keep golf carts from traveling on state highways. He notified the city council about seeing a girl who looked to be 13 years old operating a golf cart on Indiana 4.


“We are a lakeside community, and it’s pretty common in most lakeside communities, but we have to have enforcement,” Kajer said.

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