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Repairs Promised in Mailbox Destruction

(La Porte County, IN) - An 18-year-old driver has promised to fix the mailboxes he struck with his father’s vehicle near Michigan City.


Dylan Mays could be charged if he doesn’t live up to his promise, according to La Porte County Police, who were called Friday evening to the 6800 block of West 450 North.


Police say Mays ran over four mailboxes driving a large Dodge Ram truck wheel. One of the mailboxes belonged to Robert Andersen, who jumped into his vehicle and went after the truck. Eventually, Mays stopped and apologized to Andersen.


Mays, who resides in the Michigan City area, explained the sun was in his eyes and, while reaching for his sunglasses, took his eyes off the road and hit the mailboxes. Police said Mays agreed to buy the supplies to fix the mailboxes ripped out of the ground.


The front passenger side of the truck was heavily damaged from the impact. The vehicle was also missing the front and back bumpers.


An officer advised Mayes that potential charges against him would be pursued if he did not honor his promise.

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