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Auditor Defends Work Ethic

(La Porte County, IN) - La Porte County Auditor Tim Stabosz is defending his work habits after portrayed by the county attorney as somewhat of a no-show office holder.  Tim Stabosz said he doesn’t always show up for work on time but puts in his 40 hours a week and sometimes more.


On Thursday, La Porte County Attorney Shaw Friedman said Stabosz never spends a full day in the office and often comes in late in the afternoon.  Friedman said the reason is Stabosz is a “day trader” at home or is working on politically attacking him and other officials.  Stabosz said he’s a private investor, not a day trader, and never works on anything politically related while on the job.


Stabosz acknowledged many of his early mornings are spent at home catching up on stock market news or checking on his stocks.  He said that’s no different from what he did when he made his living entirely from investing before taking over as auditor in January of 2021.


However, Stabosz said he often stays in his office late, sometimes until 6:30 p.m., to make up for the time spent at home.  He’s also at meetings of the La Porte County Council and La Porte County Commissioners during the night several times a month.


“Typically, I come in after others have come in but I stay later,” he said.


Stabosz also said he never shows up at the office in the afternoons and is always there when employees in his office leave for the day unless he’s on vacation or away at a conference.


“I am in the office on most days up to a full day,” he said.


Stabosz also said some of his time at home is spent on doing work related to his auditor’s job like editing the minutes from county council meetings.  He also noted there are other office holders not physically present at their county government workplaces for the entire day because they step away for other jobs like driving a school bus.


Stabosz said the time when each person enters the building with a key is automatically recorded and he’d be willing to have the times he reported for work checked to verify he’s telling the truth.


“These things are all made up.  Those are lies about me.  Those are lies intended to hurt me,” he said.


Stabosz also said it’s inappropriate for Friedman as county attorney to be commenting on his work as auditor. He said that’s the responsibility of the county commissioners as the executive branch of county government and Friedman’s job is to strictly offer legal advice to the commissioners.

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