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Sobering Moment for Beer Thief

(Kingsbury, IN) - An area woman's alleged days of shoplifting could be over after taking a case of beer from a La Porte County gas station.


According to La Porte County Police, officers were called to Family Express in Kingsbury late Tuesday morning on a report of a woman not paying for a case of Coors Light.


The woman climbed into a pick-up truck with the beer and fled. Later, according to police, she called the store and said her husband was coming down there to pay for the beer. Store workers reported the woman had taken various things on numerous occasions. This time, though, she may have been scared straight.


Police dialed the number showing on the store's Caller ID and verified her name and location. When reached on the phone, the woman kept claiming her husband would pay for the beer, and the entire ordeal was an accident. The officer ended the call by telling her they were filing charges.


The next day, though, Family Express gave her a chance. She came down and paid her 22 dollar tab, saying she was sorry. In exchange, police said she was allowed to go.

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