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Milo Running for a Seat in Congress

(Indianapolis, IN) - Former La Porte mayor Blair Milo hopes to bring what she feels is a much-needed conservative voice to the nation’s capital.


Milo, 38, seeks the Republican nomination for the District 1 Congressional seat. Milo was mayor for over six years before working for the governor in a high-ranking position in his cabinet as Secretary of Career Connections and Talent.


Milo said her decision came after being approached and encouraged to run.


“Quite honestly, it was many individuals that I worked with in the past who said we worked well together to be able to demonstrate results, and now is the time to be able to carry those kinds of results to serve all of Northwest Indiana,” she said.


Milo is running for the seat now held by Frank Mrvan, a Democrat from Hammond. However, victory could be an uphill battle for Milo because a Democrat has held that seat for decades.


Pete Visclosky of Merrillville held that position for more than 30 years before retiring and being succeeded by Mrvan.


Milo, though, said she sees an opening because of her strong, conservative values at a time when Democrats and their policies are tanking in the polls.


“This is a sentiment I think that is being felt across not only the region but I think the country,” she said.

Milo was the youngest mayor ever elected in La Porte ten years ago. She also served in the U.S. Navy, completing two tours of duty in the Persian Gulf and holding several officer positions before transferring from active to reserve duty in 2010.  


She filed her candidacy documents this morning in Indianapolis.  

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