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Call for Anti-Crime Action in Michigan City

(Michigan City, IN) - A Michigan City official is calling for action to bring down crime. Recently, a published report by UpgradedHome.com ranked Michigan City as Indiana's most dangerous city for 2022. Theft and property-related crimes are the biggest reason for the number one ranking.


City Councilman Paul Przybylinski was skeptical at first but said he's more convinced after reviewing FBI crime figures. Though other officials in the city have called the report untrue and "garbage," Przybylinski said now is not the time to "bury our heads in the sand."


“We need to do something different and look at the statistics and not try to say that we don’t have a problem because we have a problem,” according to Przybylinski.

He offered some possibilities to try and address the issue.


“Maybe we need to look at reassessing how we patrol Michigan City and interact with the neighborhoods.  Maybe putting out a crime map every month so that people know what’s going on in their neighborhoods. We need to do something different,” he said.

But, being lowly ranked for crime is not new for the city. Other published reports the past few years have also classified Michigan City as the most unsafe or somewhere in the top 10 in Indiana.


Several months ago, Police Chief Dion Campbell sounded alarm bells when he told members of the City Council during a public meeting that Michigan City has negatively changed, in part, from families moving here from Chicago and their children getting involved in trouble. 

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