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Higher Pay Key to Paramedic Shortage

(La Porte County, IN) - A good-sized pay increase could be what it takes to stop paramedics in La Porte County from leaving at a high rate.


LaPorte County Emergency Medical Service Administrator Andrew McGuire feels the answer is about $10,000 a year. He said there’s a paramedic shortage in the state, and, as a result, salaries have already been raised in other counties to retain paramedics.


McGuire said he’d lost 14 staff members already this year, primarily to ambulance services elsewhere with better pay and benefits. In comparison, McGuire said there was hardly any turnover in previous years except for when people retired.


The La Porte County Council plans to have a workshop to discuss a salary increase and compensation for paramedics.


McGuire said overtime pay due to gaps in scheduling caused by the departures would be about $400,000 this year. Typically, about $160,000 is spent on overtime, according to McGuire. 

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