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La Porte Growing Pains Complaints

(La Porte, IN) - La Porte is well on its way to having super high speed internet access in every part of the city but officials are fielding complaints along the way.  Trenches are being dug to place fiber optics into the ground, which has led to people being upset about their surroundings being disturbed and the ground not restored fast enough.


Mayor Tom Dermody said the city has hired USI Consultants to hear and investigate complaints to best serve the citizens.  The goal is for every matter to be addressed successfully.  “We track all of the complaints and have weekly meetings with the contractor to ensure they’re all resolved,” said Margaret Dickerson, a representative of USI Consultants.  Dickerson can be reached at 219-851-8223.


Surf Broadband Solutions is investing $10 million on providing connectivity throughout the entire city.  According to company officials, there will be enough capacity for a single customer to stream up to 200 HD movies on Netflix at the same time without a service interruption.


City officials said access to such high speeds will be an advantage in efforts to attract new companies and residents.

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