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Charges in Beating of Urinator

(La Porte, IN) - Prison time could be faced for the alleged beating of a man urinating outside.  Joshua Mareska is charged with Level 6 felony battery in La Porte Circuit Court. 


According to court documents, a 24-year old man Friday night pulled his vehicle into a field east of Kingsbury and began relieving himself.  Mareska confronted the man for trespassing on his property.  When told to go to a gas station, the man claiming he couldn't hold it any longer left but stopped a short distance away and began urinating on the roadway.


According to police, the victim also claimed he heard four gunshots.  A short time later, he said Mareska knocked him unconscious from a blow to the head with a handgun.  Police said the victim was bleeding heavily and received four stitches.  According to police, Mareska denied having a gun and said he struck the man with a vaping device.  


Police said Mareska and his wife have had problems with people urinating outside their home and they don't want their children to see what should be done in private.  He could face as much as a 30 month sentence.

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