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New Prairie Returning to All In-School Learning

(Rolling Prairie, IN) - The New Prairie School last night voted to go back to all in-school learning.  The decision was opposed by teachers worried about infection rates.


Jennifer Younggreen said she agrees students should be in school but the number of cases here is still too high judging by La Porte County being designated by the state as still being in Code Red.  Counties with positivity rates above 15-percent as classified as Code Red while Code Orange is for positivity rates below 15-percent.


Younggreen said crowded schools will make it tough to provide a safe environment and keep down the spread.  “Due to large class sizes it will hard to manage good learning and distance parameters,” she said.


The vote for returning to all in school learning was 3 to 2.  Board members and members of the audience were socially distanced during the meeting.


School Board member Dale Groves said he was opposed to going back to all in-school learning because equal safety precautions cannot be provided for students and teachers by eliminating virtual learning from the hybrid learning format.


The return to all in-classroom learning goes into effect February 1.

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