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Former Mayor Again in Legal Hot Water

(Michigan City, IN) - The former mayor of Michigan City has been arrested for a second time within the past year.


This time, Ron Meer allegedly fled after striking a motor vehicle and refused to talk to police about the accident until the next day.


Meer, 56, is charged in LaPorte Superior Court 4 with leaving the scene of an accident and resisting law enforcement, both misdemeanor offenses.


According to court documents, Meer on the night of November 21 struck a vehicle at a stop sign while making a wide turn at Ohio and Henry streets on Michigan City’s  west side.


The other driver, Calvin Burnett also of Michigan City, told police he followed Meer until the former mayor pulled into the driveway of his home at 105 Roberta Ave., according to court documents.


Burnett also told police Meer veered across the center line on numerous occasions.


Police said a responding officer who saw Meer getting out of his 2008 Ford Explorer verbally tried to get his attention but the former mayor kept walking until he was inside his home then shut the door.


According to police, his wife, Agnes, came outside and told the investigating officer her husband claimed “nothing happened.”


She later came back out saying her husband “does not want to talk to us,” police said.


The next day, Meer told police he thought he ran over something judging by a light thump he heard from his front end, according to court documents.


He also said the other driver hit him.


According to police, the investigation shows Meer was making a wide right turn onto Henry St. when he hit the driver’s side of other vehicle toward the back end.


Meer was arrested less than a week prior to the November 2019 election for outbursts directed to police following the arrest of his stepson on gun and drug related charges.


He alleged his stepson was targeted to cost him reelection.


Meer lost his bid for a third term by less than 100 votes.

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