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Local Man Catches World Series Home Run Ball

(Lakeville, IN) - A local man is now famous for catching a home run in Wednesday night’s World Series game.  Kevin Sauer of Lakeville caught the ball.


But, instead of following the tradition of tossing the ball back on the field, Sauer, a huge baseball fan who’s been to other World Series games, kept the ball.


However, he threw his mitt on the field.


His celebration was played several times on FOX Network, which televised the game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays.   As it turned out, the mitt he’s had for 33 years was thrown back to him by one of the players and he still has the ball.


Game 3 of the World Series will be played tonight.  The Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angelos Dodgers are tied in the Series at one game each. 

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