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GOP Chairman Agrees with the President

(La Porte, IN) - A local supporter of president Trump agrees with him that we shouldn’t be afraid of the coronavirus.  La Porte County Republican Party Chairman Mitch Feikes said there should be a balanced approach between people living their lives and taking the necessary precautions.


He said medicines have been developed in recent months to better treat the virus and reduce mortality rates.  “It’s still something that’s difficult to deal with, but we want to live our lives.  We can’t be locked down all of the time. People want the economy moving.  People want their life back,” Feikes said.


Feikes also said the president should do even better in his recovery from coronavirus now that he’s back at the White House after his release from the hospital Monday.   “You don’t get well at the hospital.  I know from experience.  Being home really makes a difference,” Feikes said.

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