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Local Business Salutes Nursing Employees

(LaPorte, IN) - Richard & Terri Vyse of  Haverstock Funeral Home wanted to show their love for nursing professionals.  But they wanted to do something different than a pizza party.


So they decided to give them chocolates. Richard and Teri said, "We both felt pizza has been done a lot and this would give them a nice sweet pick-me-up and our way and saying Thank you for the job they are doing." 


So they ordered about 100 boxes of chocolates, and keeping local, acquired them here in La Porte. Next, they contacted the nursing homes and informed them of what we would like to do. They all responded with excitement and invited us to please stop by.


Then with lights a blazing, the pair delivered the sweet treats in their vintage Cadillac Ambulance.


It's wonderful stories like this, amid the COVID-19 Pandemic that show the strength and purpose of our community. Richard and Terri, kudos on a job well done.

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