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Door Opens Wider for Voting by Mail

(LaPorte, IN) - LaPorte County government is giving all people a chance to vote by mail because of the risk of going to the polls from coronavirus. Normally, people have to ask for an application to vote by mail then fill out the application, send it back to the county clerk’s office, and wait for a ballot. Now, mail-in applications are going to be sent to all registered voters in the county as a way of encouraging them to vote by mail.


County Commissioner Dr. Vidya Kora made the proposal approved yesterday. He says going to the polls is just too risky from COVID-19 for voters and poll workers.


The May primary has been pushed back to June 2 due to COVID-19 here in Indiana. Voters can still go to the polls if they wish and take part in early voting at the courthouses. LaPorte County Clerk Kathy Chroback estimated the cost of all of the extra mailings, supplies, and extra labor to county and process the ballots at well over $200,000. Kora vowed to give her office the support it needs to be successful.

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