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Center Township Trustee Candidate Lisa Pierzakowski

What office are you running for? Center Township Trustee

What political party are you affiliated with? Republican Party

What is your education?

  • Graduated from LPHS in 1984
  • Two years of Small business college for accounting


What is your occupation? Center Township Trustee-La Porte County

What is your candidate platform?

  • Homelessness: We are in need of more resources to work with the homeless in our community. With our new office space with shower, washer and dryers for the less fortunate, we will be able to help and work with them day to day.
  • Mental Illness: We are hoping to work more with Swanson Center and other agencies with more boots on the ground work out in the public.
  • Addiction: We have worked with agencies in the past and hope to continue, but work more closely with the clients each day to make them trust that we are enough to help them get to rehab. 

Give three reasons why voters should consider you this election.

  1. I have worked harder than any trustee in our county for the last 8 years. I am a full-time trustee that gives 110%.
  2. I have completed everything that I promised while running for office other than solving or making better with the homeless community. That will be my focus this next 4 years.
  3. I believe that it takes a TEAM to make things happen. I plan to continue to work with agencies and other non-profits to bring as many programs and funding to the township that I can.


Is there anything else you'd like voters to know about you?

I am married to my husband Mike for 33 years and we have 2 sons and a daughter with a bonus exchange student for 4 years. I sit on many boards so that I can get as much information as I can for our community. I work with agencies to help end homelessness in our community.

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