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State Representative Candidate: Dion Bergeron


What office are you running for? State Representative District 9

What political party are you affiliated with? Republican Party

What is your education?

  • Some College (IT and Computer Science)
  • Truck Driver School
  • Correctional Officer Training


What is your occupation? Political Podcast Host (Dion's Daily Dose)

What is your candidate platform? 

  • Constitutional Protection: I will work to ensure that the rights guaranteed by the Constitutions of both Indiana and the United States are protected and kept safe from government overreach.
  • Accountability: we pay taxes, but yet our roads are a mess. I will ensure that the over $20 billion a year that Indiana brings in from OUR paychecks is being used properly.
  • Jobs: I will work with the state to get state funding to District 9. We can bring in economic development to create real and lasting jobs.


Give three reasons why voters should consider you this election.

  1. Transparency and Reachability: I will work hard for all residents- not just those in the same party. I am easily reached, and I respond quickly.
  2. Real-World Experience- I'm a former over-the-road truck driver. I worked as a Correctional Officer at Indiana State Prison. I have worked minimum wage jobs to feed my family. I've worked on my own vehicle because I couldn't afford to take it to the shop (and because it can be fun). We need representatives that understand the real world, have worked real jobs, and love this country.
  3. I am Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro Free Speech, Pro 2A, 


Is there anything else you'd like voters to know about you?

Cajun by birth, Hoosier by choice - I chose Northwest Indiana because I love it. The urban area gives way to miles of farmland in just moments, and the people are some of the friendliest around. As an OTR truck driver, I could have chosen anywhere to live. I chose here.

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