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State Senator Candidate: Rodney Pol, Jr.


What office are you running for? State Senate - District 4

What political party are you affiliated with? Democratic Party

What is your education? Juris Doctorate

What is your occupation? City Attorney

What is your candidate platform? 

I am running for re-election to preserve, strengthen, and advance Indiana's public education system, our environment, and our labor and workforce as well as to protect our most vulnerable populations including women and minorities. The quality of life in Indiana is noticeably in decline between attacks on our teachers and schools, our air, soil and water, and our unions and workers. Our public safety and health also continuously suffer while the supermajority in the legislature schemes up the next group to needlessly attack, while also stripping local control but claiming to be for small government. I plan to continue to stop these harmful efforts and gain reasonable bi-partisan support for common-sense progress that enhances our quality of life as I have already this session. 

Give three reasons why voters should consider you this election.

  1. I was born and raised to a blue-collar Northwest Indiana family of steelworkers and teachers. I not only understand our issues in the region, but I've been working tirelessly in public service at the local and state level to address those issues for my entire professional career. This includes prior work in the Indiana legislature, the local and state public education system, the criminal justice system, local environmental and public safety issues, among countless others. In the super minority, you have to play constant and intense defense. With few caucus members, Democrats have much more legislative ground to cover, requiring you to serve on more committees than your Republican colleagues, who also file nearly 4 times as many bills. Being well-rounded, quick-witted, and ready to defend is absolutely vital as a Democratic Senator in the super minority. Those are some of my strengths.
  2. I have the trust, endorsement, and full support of labor unions such as all of District 7 (Indiana and Illinois) of the United Steelworkers and the Laborers Local 81 as well as numerous elected officials like Sen. Karen Tallian and the Indiana Democratic Senate Caucus. These endorsements are indicative of true Northwest Indiana leadership and service and I could not be more proud to carry that torch.
  3. I already have a proven track record of being able to get things done for our district and already earned a reputation as one of the most productive and "thoughtful" members in the Caucus. Despite being in a super minority, I've successfully helped kill terrible bills and passed several amendments to make bad bills better and good bills great through bipartisan negotiation and solid legal and policy positions. I've also proudly drafted and passed multiple legislative measures with full bipartisan support to greatly assist our public schools and veterans. I'm incredibly proud to have already brought positive change to the Senate and our state. 


Is there anything else you'd like voters to know about you?

At 37 years old, I am the youngest serving State Senator, but also have the most experience in this primary field. I am also the very first Latino State Senator to ever serve in Indiana. Bringing youth and diversity to the Senate are incredibly important for our state, particularly at this moment, and I could not be more proud to serve in that regard. 

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