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US Representative Candidate: Mark Leyva


What office are you running for? U.S. House of Representatives IN District 01

What political party are you affiliated with? Republican Party

What is your education? 12th grade. Graduate of Highland High School Class of 1978. Self-taught Government & Economics.

What is your occupation? Self-employed Carpenter

What is your candidate platform?


  • PRO SECOND AMENDMENT I am a solid Pro 2nd Amendment candidate who owns two firearms and has a lifetime conceal carry permit. Responsible ownership of a firearm is very important to protect us from a Foreign, Domestic or Tyrannical government. In 2020 the GOA survey I scored an A Rating.
  • LAW & ORDER ENFORCEMENT Social order is the framework needed to maintain a prosperous society. Without Laws and the Enforcement of these laws, we are no longer a civilized society. Therefore, I DEFEND THE BLUE and support providing them with all the tools and training necessary to safely do their jobs.
  • BORDER PROTECTION Under the U.S. Constitution, this is one of our top priorities MANDATED by our forefathers. Without a border, we are not a country. Today's weak border has resulted in Higher Crime, Lower Wages, and more potential Pandemics. Open borders are also a National Security risk--we need a system to know and approve those who enter our country.
  • US CONSTITUTION DEFENDER I swear my allegiance to the U.S. Constitution and God only.
  • VOTER INTEGRITY Free and Fair Elections are the bedrock of our nation. If our people lose confidence in the integrity in our elections, the nation will crumble. We need to follow our state election laws and prosecute the people who don't!
  • ENERGY INDEPENDENCE Under the Trump energy independence plan, we enjoyed gas priced under $2 a gallon. One year later, that same gallon of gas is almost $4 per gallon. Energy Independence is Economic Freedom that results in lower retail prices because everything we purchase is transported on trucks that use fuel.
  • JOBS / ECONOMY Conservative policies result in good-paying jobs and a STRONG economy. Today you are experiencing the impact of Democratic policies--big handouts don't provide any jobs.
  • PRO-LIFE I am a pro-life candidate who knows that life starts at conception. I also believe that our tax dollars should not fund clinics that perform abortions. (The fact in that some of these clinics harvest infant body parts to sell for profit.)
  • PATENT REFORM/STRENGTHEN AMERICAN PATENTS The Orwellian America Invents Act and multiple Supreme Court rulings have gutted the patent system for small inventors and startups resulting in the loss of hundreds of tech jobs in Gary, Indiana. According to new laws written "in the swamp", patents are no longer property rights, they are now public franchises. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been dumped on Washington politicians by the likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon and other tech monopolists to buy these new laws. This is dangerous for America and American national security. For example, last year 48% of early-stage funding of Artificial Intelligence startups went to Chinese firms! Only 36% supported American firms. Artificial Intelligence controls our power grid, our military tanks and ships. Unfortunately, it does not stop with Artificial Intelligence. Funding in all of tech is up in China and down here. If America is going to be great again, we must restore strong patent rights and turn back the swamp.
  • SCHOOL VOUCHERS Our children deserve the very best education possible. Attaching education dollars to our children, parents should make the ultimate decision as to where their children get their education.
  • END CRT Critical Race Theory is the toxic indoctrination of our children. This teaches Black children they are Victims, and White children they are the Oppressors.
  • SEMA RPM ACT America First Agenda, manufacturing aftermarket parts for new cars in the U.S. will create new jobs and more tax revenue.


Give three reasons why voters should consider you this election.

  1. I am a Constitutional Conservative Republican
  2. I want to Drain the Swamp


Is there anything else you'd like voters to know about you? 

I consider myself the "Peoples Choice" not the Party's Choice.

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