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LaPorte County Commissioner Candidate: Sheila Matias

What office are you running for? County Commission, District 1

What political party are you affiliated with? Democratic Party

What is your education?

  • Bachelor's degree: John Carroll University
  • Master's degree: Valparaiso University

What is your occupation? Management and Education: Executive Director, Purdue Northwest (The Leadership Institute and the Society of Innovators); small business owner

What is your candidate platform?

  • I believe it is critical to pay first responders and county employees a fair, competitive wage so that public safety and community services remain strong and public safety and service employees feel rewarded for exceptional work.
  • Jobs, jobs, jobs: Good jobs promote healthy families and children. Family-wage Jobs-While we've had great success in the last 3 years, this requires focus and effort; I am experienced in economic development and know that the county must focus on retaining the companies we have, helping small businesses to grow and be successful, and attracting new companies to make their home in LaPorte County.
  • Rural broadband: Our children deserve high-speed internet so they can gain the skills they need to be successful. So do small businesses, families, schools, health care facilities, and our elders.....we've made progress but this is a heavy lift and more "pushing" is needed to get the job done. I've been leading the task force and hope to continue this important work with our team of experts.
  • Housing-making smart choices in regards to adding housing stock to our county. This is a great place to live, work and raise a family.  


Give three reasons why voters should consider you this election.

  1. This is not a job for rookies. As a complex business, the county needs strong and experienced leadership. This is a multi-million dollar operation and we need experienced leaders who know how to carefully balance the needs vs. the wants with available tax funds. That's your money and I take that seriously. It's important to live within your means just like we do at home.
  2. Despite the politics and the "noise", I am not deterred by this but remain focused on being positive and taking care of my constituents whether they live in rural LaPorte County or in a town or city. I work for you.  
  3. I am seasoned and I am family-focused with solid values that are important to me. Like you, I want to leave the world better than I found it and hope to strengthen our community so that it is a great place for our children and grandchildren. I understand your concerns and am a good listener and thought partner.


Is there anything else you'd like voters to know about you?

I ask for your support. With all the discord and tumult in politics these days, an experienced leader with a level-head is needed. I have come to realize that my steady hand of experience and a respectful voice is needed now more than ever. I continue to speak for real people and real families while promoting a community culture of respect, equity, and kindness. I believe that once the election is over, I work for everyone even those who disagree with me on an issue. I try my best to be very careful with your money, ask the hard questions and push back when I need to do so. I believe in consistency and straight-talk- I will be the Sheila you can always count on, using a combination of good old-fashioned common sense and my business leadership experience, while representing everyone with respect to the best of my ability. It is a privilege to represent the people of LaPorte County. It has been an honorable experience to work with the dedicated county team who even during the most difficult days of the Covid crisis, do what is needed day in and day out, going above and beyond to provide care and stellar services to the people of our county. It has been an honor to serve you and I hope to count on your support as we go forward. 



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