HTNN Election Headquarters

US Representative Candidate: Ben Ruiz


What office are you running for? Indiana 1st Congressional District

What political party are you affiliated with? - Republican Party

What is your education? AAS Computer Science & Technology, AAS Political Science 


What is your occupation? Independent Business Owner, Sole Proprietor, and Contractor

What is your candidate platform? America First - MAGA 

Give three reasons why voters should consider you this election.

  1. I've Never Voted Democrat, always been a Conservative Pro American Voice.
  2. Non-Establishment Outsider to Politics with a true American Agenda for and By the People.
  3. Building our Border Wall bigger while reforming immigration policy based on President Trump's original plan 


Is there anything else you'd like voters to know about you?

Vocal Candidate for Hoosiers and every American, against establishment RINOs and Communist Democrats. Already pledged to co-sponsor Congressional Term Limits, Already pledged to end Covid Mandates, support a bill to Eliminate and Ban corporate lobbying in congress and banning CRT in our children's schools and all other WOKE agendas while holding the MSM accountable for election fraud & interference and holding all those who attempted a coup of a sitting President Donald J Trump for treason and espionage. Voter integrity is necessary and true voice of every American

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