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Clinton Township Trustee Candidate: Courtni Meyers

What office are you running for? Clinton Township Trustee    

What political party are you affiliated with? Republican Party


What is your education?

  • bachelor's degree, a double major in accounting and finance


?What is your occupation? 

  • Business owner of Family Foundations Accounting Services 
  • Co-manager and advisor for DC Farms 
  • Stay-at-home-mom    


What is your candidate platform? 

I strive to move Clinton Township forward by maintaining fiscal responsibility, serving its citizens with honor and respect, and upholding a high level of integrity.

Give three reasons why voters should consider you this election.

  1. FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: I will continue to make ethical choices when dealing with government money by utilizing my background in accounting and listening to my board members. 
  2. A HEART FOR SERVICE: I thrive off of being a public servant and am grateful for the opportunity to serve my community in numerous ways including having been an assistant track coach for the local high school, co-leading a club at the local high school, volunteering for a local fire department, and serving in several events for numerous volunteer organizations. 
  3. INTEGRITY: I will continue to represent Clinton Township with integrity and respect for all citizens with open and honest transparency.    


Is there anything else you’d like voters to know about you?

I've been happily married to my husband, Doug, for seven years. We have a two-year-old son and a baby girl on the way. As a resident of La Porte County since childhood and raising my family here, I am committed to being involved and giving back to my community. I support first responders, being one myself, and appreciate their incredible value and dedication. I took over as trustee mid-term in 2020, unsure of what all it would entail. Nearly two years in, I can proudly say this role fits my passions and experience well. It is my honor and privilege to serve Clinton Township. I will continue to work hard and make it a priority to improve LaPorte County to the best of my abilities.

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