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Sheriff Candidate: Andrew Morse

What office are you running for? La Porte County Sheriff 

What political party are you affiliated with? Republican Party


What is your education?

  • 1995 graduate of Rogers High School 
  • 2003 graduate of the 156th session of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (Plainfield, Indiana)


What is your occupation? Patrol Deputy La Porte County Sheriff’s Office/Part-Time School Resource Officer    


What is your candidate platform? 

First and foremost I want to continue to provide my services and personal sacrifices to ensure everyone stays safe and can live with peace on their minds in La Porte County! To aid in this, one of the major things I want to focus on is to make sure the Women and Men of the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office have a bigger voice when it comes to their wages and benefits! There is another pandemic in this country right now with the shortage of good Women and Men entering the Law Enforcement/Corrections profession and having low wages is one of the biggest turn aways. A couple of common statements a Police Officer hears are “you can’t pay me enough to do your job” or “you don’t make enough”! Well, we need to change that and I believe we can! We are not asking to become rich, because we did not choose this career for the money but we at least need to make the salaries at the LCSO competitive with the surrounding Agencies who are offering way more to gain and retain employees. Without at least having a competitive wage we are going to continue to lose great women and men to these other Agency’s/professions. This I believe will cause the LCSO to be just a stepping stone in the future which in turn our service to the Public could suffer (longer response times due to manpower shortages and having less experienced officers) to name a few ways. With this being said I want to work closely with the Local and State Fraternal Order of Police Leaders to explore the options and benefits of creating a Collective Bargaining Agreement (contract). I believe having a contract at the LCSO would give a bigger voice to the Women and Men who dedicate their lives to keeping our Communities safe but I would also leave it up to these same Women and Men to make the final decision on this. I however do believe it will not only help retain employees but also will be a huge asset to attracting great applicants in the future. Yes, there are only a few Sheriff’s Offices in Indiana that have a CBA but the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office is no different than these other Agencies and it can and needs to stand out to make it THE Department for every Police Officer wants to work for and having a CBA is one way we can accomplish this. There are several other things I would like to accomplish if I am blessed by being elected as the next Sheriff including strengthening our mental health assistance for our employees as several of the other candidates have also mentioned. I would lean on not only these men but our on-staff counselors, our chaplains, and local clergy to assist in this serious issue. We do and see things that are just not normal and for too long have just ignored the issue and we just can’t do that any longer. Having a Peer Support team would also be high on the to accomplish list. I want to continue to build on our School Resource Officer Program within the County. We have a great group of Deputies keeping our most precious commodities safe right now and being a part-time SRO I know the positive impact these positions can have on our future leaders. I never thought in a million years I would want to go back to school but I now see the difference an SRO can make in a child’s life and I will definitely always be an advocate for the program. I would like to see some of our SROs bring back the D.A.R.E. Program in their Schools. As many of you know our current Sheriff due to him being your D.A.R.E Officer years ago, you also know the impact of that program and how it can aid in getting our youth to “Just Say No!” There are several small internal traditions and policies that I would like to see changed as well. I want to work WITH the Women and Men of the Sheriff’s Office to accomplish these tasks which I also believe will help make the LCSO and better place to work. I know accomplishing all these issues and more will not be easy to do but if we all work together I know we can. I will make one definite promise and that is that my duty gear and uniform will NOT be hung in a closet should I win this election. I plan to work side by side with ALL the Women and Men of the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office as I have for 21 years to continue to make La Porte County a Great and Safe place to live.    


Give three reasons why voters should consider you this election.

  1. I am no Politician, I am a Police Officer. Politics have no business being in the Law Enforcement Profession. We take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and Indiana period.
  2. I am a very open-minded person and believe everyone’s opinion should matter.
  3. I will NOT be hidden in the office every day. I will be working side by side with ALL the staff in every division within the Sheriff’s Office throughout our great County.    


Is there anything else you’d like voters to know about you?

I am engaged to my beautiful fiancé Elizabeth (Liz) who has worked at All Creature Features Animal Hospital for the past 26yrs. I am the father of 3 great kids, Emma (21), Blake (17), and Alexander (15), and soon-to-be stepfather to 3 bonus kids, Payton (20), Michaela (16), and Ian (14). On my days off from patrolling the streets of La Porte County, you can find me during the school year out at New Prairie Middle School where I am a part-time SRO. I was a K-9 Handler for 11 years handling 2 K9’s. A Belgian Malinois Mirza (2009-EOW 2013) and a German Shepherd Jäger (2013-2020). I am a 13-year member of the Indiana District 1 Law Enforcement Task Force and have trained across the Country in Domestic Terrorism and Civil Unrest. When I am not working, my family and I enjoy spending time in the outdoors fishing, hunting or just enjoying a campfire somewhere in our 8 acres of woods in northeast Center Township. I am a two-time finisher of the Chicago Marathon and spend as much time as I can at Fitness Plus gym because I love doughnuts (power rings) too much. I love to just have fun because; YOLO!    

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